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Jerrold C. Peterson HHP CMS-CHt

Holistic Disease Specialist

As a Chronic Degenerative & Infectious Disease Expert, Jerrold ​has a career spanning back over 14 years in the field of disease ​reversal & tissue regeneration.

Specializing in "Idiopathic" disease recovery, or in other words, ​diseases that have no known cause.

Accumulating thousands of data points, with over 30k hours of ​education, scientific research, & field experience. Discovering ​the causation of disease, and the lifestyle needed to support & ​promote the reversal thereof. Creator of the "P.I.N. Program," ​for the purpose of education & health recovery.

I utilize Expertise from both hemisphere's of health

Western Ideology

The modern "Western Medical System" has remained in a stagnant loop of symptom management for around 100 years for chronic disease. Though, where modern science has evolved to be a devine gift, is in the diagnose of disease, sensitive laboratory testing & the advancement of technological medical devices, designed to aid in disease recovery, often hidden from society...

Eastern Ideology

The "Eastern Philosophy" of health & wellness is the culmination of thousands of years of experience, in the prevention & treatment of disease. Cultures from all around the world have laid the foundation, in understanding the human body as a "whole," having already discovered many of the the answers to self-rejuvenation. This wisdom cannot go ignored any longer & must be honored...

Areas of Speciality

All Chronic disease


Lymes Disease

Tick born Illnesses

Symptomologies present themselves in many different forms & often this disease goes misdiagnosed for too long.


Cell Editing Disease

With trillions in health care expenses & research donations, mainstream healthcare has failed us drastically. Why not try Holistic options?


Fatty Acid Disease

Now the 6th leading cause of death, yet it never existed a hundred years ago, this disease is a physicians caused disease.


Depend on Host

Mainstream science lacks the ability to test properly for parasites, yet most people of earth all have them living inside us, often causing illness.

Bones & Joints

Loss of Composition

Diseases of the cartilage, tissues, discs & bones, the answer isn't replacement surgery or taking drugs, the solution lies in rebuilding them.

Only Two Types of Disease

All "Disease Classification" can be reduced within these two categories

Degenerative Disease

Degenerative Disease is when the tissues, cells, and DNA of the body begin to malfunction, break down, degenerate, collapse & fail to fulfill their primary function, as designed in the human body.

Saturation of the deep tissues & bone marrow with "Essential Nutrients" & restoration of circulation are a necessary part to reversing Degenerative Disease.

The medical system overcomplicates "Disease Classification," with over 40,000 possible

diseases, but only two types of disease exist, its very simple...

Infectious Disease

All living things carry bacteria in some form. Some are healthy, but most are not. When the body gets infected with Viruses, Bacteria, & Parasites, they can cause extreme illness & decline. Robbing our body of energy & even influence the thoughts & choices we make.

Disinfection multiple times per year is a necessary part of cleansing the body of infectious pathogens, as well as correcting immune system disfunction.

Only Three Origins of Disease

All "Disease Causation" can be reduced to these three areas


Pollution comes in many forms including air, water, dietary food choices, cookware, petro- chemicals, detergents, soaps, makeup, clothing, heavy metals, frequency, radiation, free radicals, & even stressful thoughts increasing metabolic waste accumulation. If our channels of elimination are not kept clean, the body becomes blocked up, and this stagnancy will create a disease state.

Cleansing is a necessary part of life to mitigate pollution in the body.

The medical system overcomplicates "Chronic Disease," but in fact its very simple...


Infection can come in thousands of different forms, & the body can be infected with many coexisting species. Due to the modern diet, overuse of antibiotics, and pesticides, pathogens have never been stronger, & our bodies have never been weaker. Most of us are highly infected with pathogens that destroy us from within.

Disinfection is a necessary part of life to control infectious colonies from increasing inside the body.


The amount of damage we can to handle, is directly related to the amount of nutrients we have, within our tissues & bone marrow. Millions of cells are born each day, & nearly two trillion DNA replications occur daily! All humans require 90 "Essential Nutrients" daily, to maintain a healthy system that self regulates, repairs, & defends against tissue decline. All while having the correct building materials to create new cells.

Supplementing with all the correct nutrients daily is a necessary part of life to mitigate the aging process.

P.I.N. Understanding of Health

All Chronic disease falls into these three categories...

Pollution - Infection - Nutrition

For those willing to receive, there is no such thing as genetic disease, we are not doomed by our genes. Gene expression can turn on & off depending on the constitution of the three categories mentioned above.

In order to correct a health problem, you must first identify the origin, investigating the root cause rather than working to suppress only the symptoms. Now that one understands there are only three origins of disease, one must focus on which category the disease falls into & begin to develop a plan of action.

Exteral Symptoms

Hair Loss


Always Cold


Brain Fog

Weight Gain

Memory Loss

Low Libido



Neurological Issues

Mood Swings

Heart Disease

Chronic Fatigue

Harmone Imbalenes



Autoimmune Disease




Root Causation

Please Explore The Service Options Below

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Practical Services

Phase 1 - Consultation

1:1 (60-90) min discussion

  • My history as a Chronic Degenerative & ​Infectious Disease Expert
  • Description of your current health situation
  • Education provided about your current ​situation
  • Education on how i work with clients
  • Any questions welcomed at the end

Phase 2 - Obtain Data

Lab testing & deep Analysis

To create a clear road map to recovery, we must acquire the data needed to determine which systems of the body are currently incapacitated. Labs will be taken & in depth analysis will occur with the lab results. We will have a detailed discussion into the causation of your condition & review all of the things contained in the reports.

Phase 3 - Custom Protocol

Core Services & Education

After the data is analyzed, a custom health protocol is created for the client. The client begins a comprehensive educational overview of how to heal, & how to maintain health throughout their life. Meetings occur one to two times a week for the first 3-6 months depending on the severity & progression of the disease.

Premium Services

Travel Direct To Client

Clients who require services on site, or who have a limited amount of time left due to late stage disease, rest assure that arrangements can be made for my team & I to accommodate your health needs. Criteria will need to followed, in order to create proper space for work

to take place.


This service is available for client's to reach out directly, during the first few months of forming new routines. My team & i will answer questions that arise during times of illness, cleansing, dietary choice's, food ingredients, meal prep, supplement routine, & when flare ups occur from your conditions.

Estate Consulting

Servicing high net worth individuals, ​specializing in the installation of advanced ​healing technologies. Design & build-out​ a room dedicated to Biohacking & Healing ​in your home, equipment like water filtrati​on & much more. Training estate staff on t​he cooking sciences necessary for disea​se reversal & how the estate should functio​n.

Emergency Services

Air-Lift Packages

Air-Lift Trauma Service

Clients who require immediate services in the event of blunt trauma injury. Emergency plane available to fly to hospital of choice. Emergency delivery of personalized pre grown Stem Cells. My team & I on site, to work alongside your medical staff & customize a biohacking protocol to rapidly speed up & enhance tissue regeneration.

Air-Lift Infection Service

Clients who require immediate services in the event of making contact with a lethal infectious pathogen or poison. Emergency plane available to fly to hospital of choice. Emergency delivery of anti-venom if needed. My team & I on site, with a customized disinfection & healing protocol to rapidly enhance biological recovery.


"After seeing 6 Doctors, including 2 Natural Doctors over the course of a year & a half, i was hanging on a cliff with no answers or progress. I lost all hope & went home to die. If i hadn't met Jerry when i did, i would certainly be dead. He saved my life, my body was barely hanging on, and i just was ready to give in for the pain to be over. After one conversation together he explained the body to me, in a way that instantly felt different than anything i had ever heard, i absolutely knew right away what he said was real, it made perfect sense."

"I knew right away something would be different about our time together than with the other 6 Doctors i had been to. I drove home to my wife in tears, with hope for the first time that i may have another chance to live. My life is forever changed, and i am here today from the unparalleled wisdom and action plan Jerry brought into my life."

-Jeffrey Spinks

135 Pounds - April

175 Pounds -August

4 Month Recovery

Taking the tests blew me away, it ended up solving so many mystery's of why i was feeling so sick. I was so frustrated wondering why my Doctors had never advocated for me to take these. I found Jerry at the last moment, i had withered down to 135 lbs at 6'2, and at that time could no longer even drink water i was so sick, my body was shutting down and i was dying.

Jerry spent a great deal of time with me, educating, teaching me, and checking in on every minute symptom i was having. Giving me insight, and bringing words to things i couldn't explain, it was as if he was in my body feeling what i was feeling.

I felt a drastic shift within the first 3 days. Week over week i began to reclaim my life, my appetite came back more and more. I couldn't believe how fast things were changing, after a year & half of no progress. Fast forward just a few months later, i regained just over 40 lbs, back to my normal weight, the tumors in my body had subsided, and i had killed the creatures living inside me.

I am forever grateful for his knowledge and genius of not only healing, but how to stay healthy, prevent new diseases, and use that knowledge to protect the people i love.

I was referred to Jerrold by someone i ​trusted, and was told he was doing ​miraculous things. I was loosing my ​hearing & going "Tone Deaf." I am a ​musician, in fact its my career, i restore ​high end antique guitars, its my whole ​life. I was willing to try anything, i was ​already having to wear hearing aides & ​feared i would be forced into early ​retirement.

Jerrold is incredible, after 3 months i ​threw my hearing aids away. My doctor ​had never seen that in his career & after ​completing the audio exams it clearly ​showed my hearing was restored.

I have no words...

-​C. Erickson

16 years being addicted to opioids, due to extreme chronic pain at 68, with multiple back surgeries & disc fusions. 48 hours into implementing Jerry's protocol, i slept through the entire night without reaching for my pills, for the first time in 16 years...!!

Something incredible is happening inside me.

-Charles Vescera

Im a 79 year old Soul Singer, with a long career in the music industry, including 3 hit albums. Spent most of my life touring, which tends to be food on the go, & sleepless nights on stage. I am so thankful to have found Jerry six years ago, at this stage in my life, he keeps my body feeling young. People cant believe my age, and i owe that to his expertise.

To still have the stamina to continue singing on stage for me at this age, is all i could ask for.

-Ralph Graham

Jerrold C. Peterson CMS-CHt

Holistic Disease Specialist


World without


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"If the human body can grow itself, all

by itself, from a single cell...

-Im thinking it can heal itself too"

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